Alphabiotic Allignment

Alphabiotic Alignment (Chrane-Condyle Lift)

•    Stress recovery
•    Improved physical and mental balance
•    Self healing
•    Life enhancement
•    Postural improvement
•    Better mental clarity
•    Function better in every way

A gentle hands on procedure that synchronizes the mind body connection.  Benefits to your body include less tension, more energy, and more balance, thereby increasing the capacity of your body to heal.

Here’s what others are saying:

 “I came to see Dr. Wu for the Alphabiotic treatment after one year of unsuccessful therapy for a low back injury resulting from a rear-end collision.  I was desperate and not looking forward to a nerve block from my orthopedist.  I am pleased to say that after 5 weeks of chiropractic treatment with Dr. Wu, the back pain is 70% better and I am able to stand and walk for longer periods of time.  That means maybe I can now return to long-distance hiking.  
Dawn P. / Millbrae, CA

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding care you have provided me over the past four weeks.  When I first came to your office, I had been experiencing loss of strength in my right shoulder and a tingling sensation in my right hand.  Almost immediately after my first session with you, I experienced relief and increased strength.  In the subsequent sessions, the improvement has been steady, and I have recovered almost all of my strength and the sensations in my hand have declined considerably.  
Mike D. / Burlingame, CA