Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy


How does it work?

PEMF (pulse electro-magnetic field) therapy is safe, painless, and non-invasive. Professional caliber cables lay directly over the target area with no electricity touching the body. A magnetic field is created over the target area, increasing energy production, eliminating toxins, and reducing inflammation. The delivery of energy revives cell metabolism and reduces inflammation for chronic pain, injury, and limited motion.

PEMF is helpful for swelling, depletion, poor nutrient absorption, toxin accumulation, and diminished cell function. Widely used in mainstream health fields in the European market for decades, PEMF is at last receiving attention in the U.S. To become better informed about the breadth of modern research, visit and click on “Scientific Studies”.

A Safe and Natural Solution for Cancer

Cells are “exercised” to health through repetitive, high- intensity, pulsing electro-magnetic fields traversing through living tissue and precipitating a cascade of natural intra-cellular events that are the foundation of well-being. PEMF can be used in conjunction with nutritional therapy. It concentrates nutrients in the tumor area and promotes increased exchange by electrically opening and closing both cancerous and healthy cells. The uptake of nutrients boosts the function of the healthy cells and weakens the cancer, while the elimination of wastes detoxifies the area and promotes proper cellular metabolism.

PEMF utilizes a large magnetic field which induces electrical impulses at the cellular level. For example, it has been shown that the electrical potential of healthy tissue is around 110mV (millivolts) while tumor tissue has an electrical potential around 25mV. Inducing an electric charge through the cancer further interrupts the normal electrical communication between cancer cells, thus decreasing the function of the tumor. In 2011, PEMF therapy obtained FDA – approval for brain cancer. A study published in 2006 found melanomas shrunk by 90% within two weeks of PEMF treatment.*

The most exciting area for long term cancer research are Electro-magnetic Fields. MRI scanning already uses the basic principles that different tissues resonate at different frequencies and so sonographic waves can be reflected to create pictures of the tissues and any cancer cells. Dr. Royal Rife discovered that cancer cells could withstand very little electricity, far less than normal healthy cells. If we could learn the exact resonance of cancer cells then we could destroy them while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

*”Nanosecond pulsed electric fields cause melanomas to self-destruct” Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006 May 5; 343 (2): 351-360.; PMCID: PMC1513546

Here’s what others are saying…

“I was in so much pain from the airbag deploying during my car accident. Dr. Wu gave me very gentle adjustments and placed me on his electro-magnetic therapy. Within one week, I was 50% better. After two weeks, I was 90% better. After a month, I was back to normal.”

Dr. Lilian O. / West Covina, CA

My feet slipped on a muddy path at the bottom of a 40-foot waterfall while I was on an exciting adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. My knees suffered for over a month after I returned from my vacation. Everytime I got up and down from my chair, I would feel a lot of pain. On one of my regular visits to Dr. Wu’s office, he hooked me up to the PEMF therapy. I felt better immediately. It’s been now a week and my knees are still pain free! I highly recommend Dr. Wu for all kinds of injuries.

Penelope T. – Pomona, CA

“I am a contractor and hurt my back many years ago. I got an MRI and discovered I had a herniated disc. I was in a lot of pain to the point where I couldn’t work and was taking up to 2000 milligrams of ibuprofen a day. Then I met Dr. Wu. By the 2nd visit, I was down 60% of my medication and by the 4th visit, I was down to nothing! The electro-magnetic therapy really does work.”

Stephen L. / Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I have a testimonial for Dr. David Wu’s office. Amazing program! I have had pain on my side for almost 7 weeks from an injury I got at football practice with my children and it just wasn’t going away. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I went to Dr. Wu’s office, and he hooked me up on his electro-magnetic program. I went 2x a week for just a short 2 weeks and the pain was gone!

You know, the 1st visit, the pain went away for almost an hour. I was just amazed because I couldn’t even sleep at night. Then the 2nd! Then the 4th visit, I didn’t even notice it. In fact, I went and reinjured it because I had forgotten I wasn’t in pain anymore!

What an amazing guy! I have worked with him for years. I highly recommend Dr. Wu! Please go visit him … you’ll find it’s an amazing trip.”

Tony S. / Walnut, CA