Nutrition Response Testing


A system of evaluating body function through the use of very specific and skilled muscle testing. An analysis is performed through testing the body's own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. Feedback from your own muscle system can help either locate what structure (spine segment, foot joint, shoulder, etc.) is in need of being adjusted or balance your body chemistry (nutritional supplements, food, detoxification).

Here’s what others are saying:

“I had a severe case of acid reflux. I was taking Nexium on a daily basis. In addition, I had issues with constipation, snoring, an aching back, and rosacea. I also had trouble falling asleep at night. I had issues with bad breath due to congestion in my sinuses. After treatment from Dr. Wu that included a change in diet (I stopped eating sugar, grains, and dairy) along with whole food supplements, I saw dramatic results! After two months, I no longer needed Nexium and my acid reflux and heartburn were gone. After four months, my rosacea and redness disappeared, and all my other ailments were gone. The best part is that I lost 25 pounds in three months and have maintained that weight for another four months. Overall, I feel fantastic!”

Gary H. / La Verne, CA

“I have suffered from Irritable Bowl Syndrome for 40 years and Fibromyalgia for 18 years. Pain, tiredness, and an upset digestive track was my way of life. The doctors could treat my symptoms but the pain was always there to some degree.

Then I met Dr. Wu who taught me about nutrition and supplied me with nutritional supplements that changed my way of life. Now I feel energetic and pain free. My digestive track runs smoothly and is able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients necessary to rebuild my system."

Linda W. / Diamond Bar, CA

"I have suffered from severe migraines for over 10 years. I took prescriptions; I had CAT scans and MRI scans done. The doctor and specialist couldn’t find the cure, let alone a cause. The doctors told me that this was something that I had to get used to and I had to learn how to manage the pain. The only relief I had was alternative medicine and techniques. With the nutritional supplements and regular chiropractic care here with Dr. Wu, I do not suffer from these debilitating headaches anymore. To think that I accepted a ridiculous answer that this was just how life was to be, amazing! Thank you Dr. Wu!"

Samantha S. – La Verne, CA

"I have lost 20 lbs., and I have more energy now. I’m sleeping better. My digestion is improving. The color and texture of my skin has improved. People are continually telling me that I look younger! My mental alertness has improved, and the state of my mind is more positive. I have more concentration than ever before! In addition, my blood glucose has dropped from 145 to 117 mg/dl. My blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal. Consequently, I have reduced my diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications. Hopefully, one day, I won’t need them at all!"

Letha T. – Los Angeles, CA

"Before I came to see Dr. Wu, I had a lot of pain in my joints and really bad psoriasis on my knees and feet. The pain that I previously had has now dropped significantly and is now at a more comfortable level to deal with. I haven’t felt this way in 6 years! Also, my psoriasis is actually going away on my knees thanks to the nutritional supplements. I am very happy with the progress. Thank you very much!"

Mario F. – Riverside, CA